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Any privacy disagreement is governed by this Policy and our Terms of Service, including any applicable limitations on damages and dispute resolution procedures. Our Terms of Service are incorporated into this Policy by reference.


This Policy applies to all visitors to our website and mobile app, as well as any information we collect about people offline, such as purchasers, renters, and owners. Unless otherwise stated, the descriptions below about our acquisition, use, and disclosure of your information apply independent of our connection with you.

We Collect Information About You

We obtain information about you directly from you, as well as automatically when you navigate through our website and from other sources. We gather different types of information about you depending on your relationship with us (e.g., whether you’re a potential buyer of real estate, a real estate agent, or a vendor) and how you engage with us (e.g., through our Site, App, or offline). We collect this information in the following ways:

Directly from you, we collect the following information:

When you perform the following actions, we gather information from users of our Services (including buyers, sellers, owners, renters, and other individuals):

Make a User Account: Our service is available to potential buyers, sellers, and other interested parties.

Services are available without the need to create an account. Account creation is required for some aspects of our Services, such as saving properties, saving searches, and receiving real-time listing alerts. We collect your name, email address, and any other information you choose to submit when you establish an account (such as whether you are looking to buy or sell a home, geographic preference, and price range). You can keep track of your favourite homes once you create an account.

Purchase History: We keep track of whether you use our services to buy or rent a home.

Participate in a Survey: If you choose to contribute feedback, such as by filling out a survey, we will gather the following information from you: your contact information and your feedback.

Please contact us at the following address: If you contact us via email or another method, we will keep track of the cause for your inquiry. Please be aware that if you request information from one of our independently owned and operated locations, a copy of your request will be kept by us and our franchisee.

Subscribe to our Newsletter: If you sign up for our newsletter, we will gather your name, email address, and phone number.

We also collect your contact information and specialisation if you are a vendor (such as a real estate photographer). You can also create an account with us by following the steps outlined above.

We Collect Information About You From Other Sources

Your Friends and Realtor: We may collect information about you from your friends and/or realtor in order for you to collaborate on homes of mutual interest.

We may gather information that you share on our social media pages if you do so. We usually do not link your social network information to the personal data we collect about you.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Operating Systems (OS), and Analytics Providers (Analytics Providers): We acquire data automatically through your use of our Site and services, as defined below. This data could originate from internet service providers, operating systems, and analytics companies that work on our behalf.

Automatically Collected Information: When you use our services, we automatically collect information about you (usage information). The pages you view on our Site and App; the date and time you access our Site and App; how long you use our Services; the type of web browser you are using (for example, Firefox or Chrome); the type of device you are using (for example, whether you are using a mobile device); and your Internet Protocol address; and device IDs are examples of the types of information we collect depending on the settings of your web browser or device (including device advertising identifiers).

We will gather your device’s location information with your consent in order to help you find available properties near your location; you can turn off this function in your device’s settings. Our service providers may also track your activity by clicking links on our Site and App. For additional details, see the Cookies and Tracking section below. This information may be linked to the personal information we collect about you, such as whether and when you signed into your account.

Internet Service Providers, Operating Systems, and Analytics Providers provide us with the following information: As previously stated, we acquire data automatically when you use our Services.

Your Information and How We Use It

We utilise your data, including personal data, for a variety of business and commercial objectives, including:

Transactional Purposes: to open and maintain your account, provide you with our services, and for other transactional purposes.

Customer service/communications: to provide you with customised search results upon request; for technical help to respond to your questions

Marketing/Advertising: for marketing objectives, such as informing you about properties and services that might be of interest to you. We may communicate with you via postal mail and email in order to market to you. Regardless of the marketing and advertising channel, we and our service providers use your information to determine the success of our advertising campaigns.

Administration: for administrative purposes, such as inventory management; to help us better understand how our persons access and use our Services, such as the pages viewed or other Site/App activity; to maintain the security and operability of our Site and App (including for debugging purposes); to provide reports to prospective partners, service providers, regulators, and others; to implement and maintain security, anti-piracy, fraud prevention, and other services; to implement and maintain security, anti-piracy, fraud prevention, and other services.

For research and development objectives, such as to evaluate trends, improve our Services, products, and customer experience; to determine which portions of our Site are the most popular or to improve our Services; to determine our customer demographics; and for other research and analytical reasons.

Compliance with appropriate legal or regulatory duties, such as responding to a subpoena or court order, cooperating with law enforcement or other governmental inquiries, and participating in legal processes.

Protection of ourselves and others: where we believe it is required to protect ourselves and others, such as to detect, prevent, and respond to fraud, security problems, or other situations where we believe it is right to do so.

Tracking and Cookies

Cookies and other techniques are used by us and our service partners to monitor information about your use of our Services. We don’t usually correlate this information with the personal information we gather about you, and we don’t use it to try to identify you as a real person.

Cookies. Cookies may be used by us or our service providers to track visitor activity on our Services. A cookie is a text file that a website saves on your device to keep track of your preferences. Cookies may be used by us or our service providers to track user activities on our Site and App, such as the web pages you visit and the amount of time you spend using our services. Most browsers’ help sections will tell you how to prevent your computer from accepting new cookies, have the browser inform you when a new cookie is received, or disable cookies entirely.

Visitors who disable cookies on our Site or App may be unable to access some portions of the services. We may employ a cookie to store a unique, random user ID when you register on the Site or App. We may use this ID to identify you in our database (not by name, but by ID) and monitor information while you are on our Site.

Children’s Personal Space

Children under the age of 18 are not permitted to use our services. If we learn that we have acquired personal information from children under the age of 18, we will remove the information from our database.

Changes in the future

This Policy may be updated from time to time. If we make a significant modification to this Policy, we will notify you by posting a notice on our website.

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